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Currated by Brolly Arts & Art Access Gallery

Perhaps you are searching in the petals for what can only be found in the roots. -Rumi

The most beautiful flower is an awakening to light. It can only blossom because its roots are reaching towards the light while growing in the mud.
The outer side of the petals are created from the articles that transformed the roots of fear to the healing blossom that opened my soul. The inner side of the petals are created from the emails that were sent between Ted’s family and me. This healed our hearts in more ways than I can speak.
Ted’s family flew into Utah at a moments notice to attend the celebration of Martin Luther Kings I have a dream speech and March In The Park in honor of Ted and Dave.
My father attended with brothers from the Barons wearing their colors and watching over the quiet peaceful service. My father and Ted’s father embraced for the first time. I heard a cry come from my father’s soul. It was so primal. No one knew this kind of heartache like these two fathers.
The wave of healing is still creating ripple effects of enlightenment for those who yearn to reach towards the light.
-Dedicated to Peg McEntee, Progressives of Utah, Victims Families & Friends

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