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Curated By Brolly Arts and Art Access Gallery

United States of Amerikkka

I read these articles for the first time when I created this piece. I can see why my parents wouldn’t let me read them.

The misinformation, hateful rumors and accusations from the media affected my family’s lives in a very negative way. The hate still has ripple effects on us.

For 10 days my full name and address were printed in the local newspapers. I was a 15 year old victim shot by a racist serial killer. But because I wasn’t killed and my father was the president of the Barons Motorcycle Club, the news media suggested that I set them up for my father to kill them.

Nothing was ever retracted. No apologies.

The police refused to provide protection while we watched cars drive by with guns pointed at our house.

I wasn’t allowed to go to the funerals of my murdered friends, because I was blamed for their deaths. I lost every Utah friend I had at the time.

The news media made an example out of me. This is why good white girls should not “RACE MIX”.

This is what racism looks and feels like to me.

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