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Media Mask

This mask was a first semester final assignment. I was asked to make a mask in my design class. I decided to make a mask that reflected the mask I hide. I didn’t realize I would have to explain it to my class.
3 years ago, on the 30th anniversary of the murders I left a crystal, candle and an unsigned note on the memorial plaque at the park. Peg McEntee, a Salt Lake Tribune reporter, wrote an article about it, wondering who wrote the letter.
I was fearful to let people know my name and open old wounds. But I found that my community had evolved in many ways and supported healing for the victim’s families and me. For several straight days one miracle after another appeared. 8 days after the anniversary, I spoke at a March In The Park, Martin Luther Kings, 48 year anniversary “I Have A Dream” speech.
That day was powerfully healing for all the families of the victims and those who attended.
It was as though the pendulum had swung from the side of the deepest darkest evil to full power of healing light and love

Coming out of hiding was the best thing I could have done to help heal my old wounds.

As Martin Luther King said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.”

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